Stop stressing you’ll figure it out!

My name is Laura Lumbayi and I’m currently a senior interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine.

My name is Laura Lumbayi and I’m currently a senior interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine. Starting my senior year was the most nerve racking thing imaginable. You’re expected to have the rest of your life after college planned out. That wasn’t the case for me. I had no idea what I wanted for dinner let alone as a career. You’re led to believe that by your senior year you’d have some sort of idea of your next move. I spent so many sleepless nights anxiously thinking of what would make me happy. Ultimately, to be happy and live comfortably is what we all want in life.

Once that realization dawned on me everything started to make sense. I realized that I don’t have to have my life planned out because nothing is permanent. Every professor I spoke to told me stories about moving from job to job. They stressed that keeping positive relationships with everyone I meet is what will get me my next opportunity. They also told me that I should stay focused on learning as much as possible and moving up the ladder.

My role as an intern at Philadelphia Style Magazine played a big part in helping me figure out my next move. My role in the magazine consists of marketing, events, and digital content. At one of our cover release parties my internship supervisor took me around the party and introduced me to various guests. Right after the introductions she’d ask if she could take a photograph of them while holding our new issue for our social media. We continued to do this for an hour or so. I’ve never had so much fun doing something that was seen as work. I brought to her attention that I’ve always had an interest in social media. She then gave me an assignment to come up with ways to revamp our accounts and do a competitive analysis to other style magazines. I went home that night excited to complete my assignment. That’s how I figured out my next move and I accomplished that one month before graduation. If you are as stressed and confused as I was in the beginning of this year take a deep breath and watch some Netflix. Let yourself experience and figure things out organically. 



  1. Hi Laura,
    Thank you so much for posting this because it is so relevant. Being a fellow senior and can attest to the fact that I probably spend every free moment I have stressing over what I’m going to be doing post graduation. I have also spend so many nights mindlessly watching Gilmore Girls and Vampire Diaries trying to distract myself from the world I am going to face to face come May.

    • Kelsey, we are definitely on the same boat! We’ll be fine. Yes, we’re leaving our comfort zone behind, but there are new adventures to experience. Let your guard down!

  2. I work in social media too. I really love the experience of being both behind the scenes and at the events. It’s a really great balance that lets me affect a brand and really have a voice. It seems like you really get it and you appreciate this experience! I hope you continue on this path of loving what you do!

    • There’s just something about getting to put a face to a follower. Having great conversation and leaving a lasting impression. I love all things social media! Thank you for your comment!

  3. Could NOT agree more with just wanting to be happy and comfortable! As a senior too, I’ve started looking for jobs come May, and the overwhelming majority of companies or industries strike me as boring. I realized, like, just last week while arguing with my mom that I don’t actually care about getting the BEST job right out of school, or even getting hired in a super impressive company. I just want to be comfortable and happy! Social media is where I’m happiest – everything else will face into place!

    • EXACTLY! Rachel just stay true to what you want to do because at the end of the day if you accept a job that doesn’t excite you and make you happy you’ll be miserable. Your mom won’t be the one attending that job you will. So have your best interest in mind when applying to jobs!

  4. Laura! I loved this piece. I think often times, we as students, feel a pressure to have everything all figured out. Sometimes just relaxing and watching Netflix is the ultimate solution for the time being! Thanks for sharing your journey with Philly Mag. I hope your social media journey works out!

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