Summer Learning for the Future

This summer, time has gone by so quickly at the fast moving start-up, Defined Clarity. During the two months I have worked as a marketing intern, we have been developing the marketing strategy of their new HR software, gatherDocs. Our first client, Villa Shoes, posted the first gatherDocs signs in stores on June 18th and we are excited to move into other stores soon such as Sunoco, Swiss Farms and Big Brother Big Sister. It has been so exciting for me to see the new product hitting the market and to see how my hard work has impacted the product and its marketing.

Although I have only been at Defined Clarity for two months, I have really gained a better understanding of what my strengths are and where I might fit into the industry. Going into this internship, I had an interest in market strategizing, but I wasn’t sure if it was really for me. I’ve learned that my mind loves to think strategically and creatively to develop long-term plans that will drive future success. My supervisor, Bruce Marable, has been very helpful by introducing me to new methods of market strategizing and content development, which I’m sure will be an invaluable asset for me when in my future career.

I have spent a large portion of my time at Defined Clarity learning about infographics and content marketing. After weeks of collecting data, I have just put together six separate infographics that will be used as a central part of the marketing campaign for gatherDocs. Our next step is to figure out what kinds of blogs, social media efforts, videos etc. we should use to create the most effective overall strategy so that we can best communicate why potential clients need gatherDocs. I never expected to play such an important role in the development of their marketing strategy, and I am extremely grateful to Mr. Marable for considering and respecting my input.

Even though I will only be at Defined Clarity for two more weeks, it will be exciting to watch and see how gatherDocs grows in the coming months. Hopefully soon, we will see gatherDocs signs in stores throughout the area. I know that anytime I see one in the future, I’ll be able to smile and know that I helped to bring the signs to the market. I learned so much about myself and the potential for my future career while at Defined Clarity. From here, the future looks pretty bright!

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