Super Bowl Reaction Piece

A small business commercial in the Super Bowl?!

Intuit used the 30-second spot allotted during the Super Bowl to leverage the company to a more specific market: small businesses. Even though many people, including independent entrepreneurs, use Intuit products, Intuit had not firmly established itself in the niche markets of occupied by the small businesses of today. This advertisement clearly defined the purpose of Intuit products: small businesses. The advertisement catches the viewer’s attention immediately with the Viking hoard plowing through the water. It is not until the end of the advertisement that the viewer sees Death Wish Coffee and Intuit. In this case, Intuit leveraged the use of a relatively captive audience. Many people often watch super bowl just for the advertisements; hence, the product placement was able to be delayed effectively.

Intuit did succeed because it gave off the image of benevolence by supporting a small business. Intuit’s advertisement stood out because of this supporting of a small business on a national scale. It makes the company look less greedy. By creating this image, Intuit may sway many people to purchase the product based on the apparent values of the company. Also, Death Wish Coffee, the small business promoted, will probably continue to promote the advertisement. That means more exposure for Intuit products. Overall Intuit made a lasting effect on the promotion of different types of companies during the Super Bowl, and it will continue to help the company’s profit margin.

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