Switching majors isn’t so bad…

Hey everyone! My name is Kiersten Rodgers, a junior Advertising major coming into Fall Semester of 2018.

Hey everyone! My name is Kiersten Rodgers, a junior Advertising major coming into Fall Semester of 2018. Interestingly enough, I just switched this past semester to the Advertising major. I was in the Communication Studies major unsure of what I wanted to really do with my future. I was continuing down that path until I realized not only was I taking all the Advertising courses I could, but I heard a presentation from a media strategist from Harmelin Media. She came to my Digital Media Advertising course, and after I heard her speak, I knew I had to pursue this field and possibly, work alongside her.


Hearing her speak as a sophomore, I was overwhelmed but grateful because I was starting to find direction for my future. I always thought that switching majors would put me behind, but then I asked myself, “What do I really want to do with my future?’ The answer was to pursue advertising. Along this journey, the first thing I learned was to follow my heart. Do not take the easy route, but in fact do what will make you happy.


To all Klein students, if you are worried about switching your major, I encourage you to:


Connect with directors in the major department:

Before you switch your major, there is not anyone better to talk to then the department head. Many department heads will sit with you during office hours and happily discuss your interests. Personally, I spoke with Dana Saewitz before switching my major and I found out that it wasn’t going to put me behind and she even helped me with picking courses for my upcoming semester. Be sure to make an appointment and come with questions! Take advantage of the connections we have here at Temple University!


Do research:

On top of speaking to an industry professional, it is important that you do some research on your own. Generally, do some research about the major itself to ensure that’s the path you want to go down. Once you’ve nailed your path, print out the course curriculum and check out the courses you’d be taking. Look at the credits you need or already have. These are all things you could look at yourself and have ready before you even see an academic advisor. The more informed you are the smoother the transition will be!


Don’t be afraid of change!

I almost did not switch my major because I thought it would put me behind the other students in my grade. I was making up excuses for myself just to continue down a major that truly wasn’t the right fit for me. So, the best advice I can give is to not be afraid of change and to follow your heart! This is what college is about…isn’t it? It gives us the opportunity to explore and branch out of the main subjects we were taught in high school. The best part is once you’re doing what you love, school won’t be as difficult.


If it wasn’t for switching my major this past year, I wouldn’t have pursued being a Digital Media intern at Harmelin Media. I am so glad I took the steps to follow what I really wanted to do with my future and landed this internship. It has taught me so much and has guided me down the right path for the rest of my future.

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  1. Your guide was a great description of what path to take when one finds a new field of study they would like to pursue. I think it could be used for someone considering an even more diverse major change, someone from another college completely, those who have not yet decided on a field of study, and just people who are generally unaware of the resources that they have access to at Temple. It’s great that you were eventually able to land that internship at Harmelin that initially interested you. You’re right, work and school definitely get easier if you’re interested in what you’re doing.

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