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Temple Advertising Club (TAC) is a great club to get involved in! It offers you opportunities to learn about and interact with the real world of advertising, network, and make friends! I asked Kelly Reid, TAC’s Director of Communications about TAC, and this is what she relayed to me. Thank you Kelly!

When and where are the meetings held?

Mondays, 4:30-6:00 p.m. SAC room 217 A


Kelly said you can come and go as you please. You do not have to attend every meeting, only the meetings you are interested in. TAC sends out e-mails each week to let you know what is going on in the upcoming week’s meetings.

How can you sign up?

Stop by one of the meetings, email tac@temple.edu, or stop by the office inside the village (in the SAC) during office hours (posted on the door) and fill out a registration form!

What are the benefits of joining?

Kelly said, “the benefits of joining TAC is having a lot of different networking oppertunities. We have a lot of speakers that come in each month looking for interns and just to meet you in general. You can obtain their cards and remember them for when you are looking for a job or internship. Also, there are agency crawls where you can see what an agency looks like, and different events that allow you to make new friends. TAC agency helps you boost your portfolio and we also have resume building workshops that make your resume look AWESOME!”

What can you be involved in?

You can be involved in TAC itself by helping out with our fundraisers, different types of events, or you can just be an active member.

There is also TAC Agency where you work with other members of TAC to create advertisements for other school clubs and events. It will help you build your portfolio.

You can also be a part of NSAC (National Student Advertising Contest). NSAC is a hardworking student run-off of TAC. They are given a client (this year is NISSAN) and compete against other schools across the nation to come up with a communications campaign. To find out more information about NSAC click here.

What is your favorite part of TAC?

I asked Kelly what her favorite part of TAC was, she said, ” My favorite part of the ad club is the fact that it has helped me boost my knowledge of advertising. Just by taking classes, I feel as though I can’t see into the real advertising world. This has allowed me to get my foot into the door and to meet as many people as possible. Without the advertising club, I would feel lost as to where to start looking for a job/internship. I have met a lot of friends and raised a lot of money for people that need it, such as Relay For Life. It is really great to be a part of something where everyone shares the same interests as you and has the same goals.”

To learn more about TAC, visit their website here.

Visit their Facebook Page Here.

Visit their Twitter Page here 

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