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Hi blog readers! My name is Sarah Comisac, and I am currently an Account Services intern at Tag Strategies.

Hi blog readers! My name is Sarah Comisac, and I am currently an Account Services intern at Tag Strategies. Tag Strategies is a branding agency located in Center City, Philadelphia. So far, in just three very short months, my internship experience has provided me with a wealth of insight on what the world of advertising is like outside of the classroom.  Here are a few entities that have stood out to me so far during my experience:


Not Everything is a Big Idea

My internship has taught me that in advertising you do not spend every moment strategizing for your clients’ next big idea. Instead, most of your time is spent strategizing and analyzing very minute details of different tactics of each campaign. The magnitude of your success lies in the details. This is why, although Big Ideas are fun to create, the sense of achievement you experience when working out a small detail becomes just as rewarding


You Will Never Stop Learning

There is rarely a day at my internship that I am not learning something new. Whether it is how to open a new job for a client, or analyzing data for meaningful trends, the knowledge gained will only benefit my future. I feel extremely fortunate to have a future working in an industry that not only grows with trends, but is the industry oftentimes trailblazing these trends.


No Assignment, Detail, or Anything In Between is Insignificant

Each and every task completed at an advertising agency is crucial. The work that I complete at Tag has shown me that not one detail should ever be overlooked. When your agency is responsible with creating the personality of a brand, every execution has the power to make or break it.


Tag has taught me that the outside of the classroom is much different than inside, but without Temple’s notable advertising program, I would not have been as prepared as I was going into my first agency internship.  Temple set the path for me to get an internship that allows me to work with extremely intelligent and creative individuals, gain hands on experience, and see all of my knowledge and hard work come together. Advertising is a lot of work, but the one thing that people in the industry never seem to forget is to make it fun.

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  1. Hi Sarah!

    It seems like you have learned a lot with Tag Strategies that goes beyond the classroom. Temple has prepared us so much for the industry, so when you are able to incorporate what you’ve learned in the classroom with something new in the real-world it is so gratifying. After interning at a small agency like Tag is that something you wish to pursue post-grad or are you more interested in a big corporation/company?

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