Take Me Out To The Ball Game

There’s nothing like a hot summer night, softball, hot dogs, and beer. My name is Carmella Martonick, and I started my internship here at Tierney June 2nd and let me tell you, it has been a blast. Aside from touring every aspect in what makes a full service agency, there are twice the amount of perks and fun. Tierney, along with other top Philadelphia agencies, competes in a real, week to week, softball league against other agencies in the city, battling it out for Philadelphia’s top player. I had no idea this existed prior to this internship, but I am completely in love with it. This added fun has introduced me to people throughout the whole agency, and has brought me closer to my co-workers I am surrounded with day by day. I love how the fun and ties you make in house carry on outside the office, and better yet it makes you feel more comfortable with your place at Tierney. There is a heart and soul within this agency, something I cherish more than anything so far in my advertising career. This is what a job should be, a place to relax while pushing your limits, a place where fun and dedication meet hand in hand, and a place where a little fun goes a long way. I love this place, and I hope one day everyone can experience something as great in their careers. Dream on, and never give up on your talents.

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  1. The internship I’m currently at right now does the same thing, they have a softball league and compete against other Construction Contractor teams. I haven’t gone to a game yet, but the stories I hear sounds exactly like yours: a great time and getting closer/comfortable with your co-workers. Its good to hear that you’re loving your internship at Tierney. It shows its a great Advertising Agency to apply for an internship.

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