Hi there! My name is Ashley Truong, a graduating senior majoring in Advertising with a concentration on Brand Strategy and Research. This semester, I had the privilege to work at QVC as an E-Commerce intern. To be quite honest, I was quite conflicted about whether I should take the offer or not because of the long commute. After long consideration, I knew I wanted to do one last internship before I graduate. I didn’t want to regret anything before I leave Temple. After starting my internship, I realized that I made the right decision.

As an E-Commerce intern, I was compiling data on spreadsheets, creating PowerPoints on competitive analyses, curating items on QVC’s shopping pages, and coming up with ideas for QVC’s promotional events. If I didn’t intern here, I wouldn’t have realized that I love working with data and developed an interest working for E-Commerce. I also love the people here. My team is super friendly, welcoming and supportive. They would always lend a hand whenever I needed help and were super patient with me. Besides my team, I also got to meet other employees. The company has “Walk-a-Mile” meetings, which allows me to meet other employees from different departments to know more about their roles. This was a great networking opportunity that exposed me to other departments that I was interested in and could look into for my career.

From there, I’ve learned to seize every opportunity that exists. Yes, it was a pain in the butt to wake up at 5 AM three times a week and drive an hour to work and back home (plus traffic), but it was all worth it. Because I loved my job, my team, and the sense of community that QVC created for me, I was motivated to keep going, and doing what I do. So, if you land an offer that is a far commute, don’t turn it down right away. Think about what the outcomes could possibly be that will benefit you in the long run. You never know where the extra mile takes you, like where it took me!