Hey! I’m Claire and I’m the current analytics intern at Seer Interactive. Seer is a digital marketing agency providing services in PPC, SEO, and Analytics. My experience at Seer has been life-changing. I’m becoming a stronger player in the field every day thanks to the amount of trust, responsibility, freedom and confidence I’m given. Needless to say, I LOVE data and I am a strong supporter of the need for digital analytics. Seer has pushed me to dive as deep as I can into my passion. Therefore, I have become a strong advocate for digital analytics and I want to share the thrill with as many people as possible. So, it would only be appropriate if we talked analytics data.

There are endless possibilities for web analytics. Personally, I believe some of the most valuable insights come from user behavior driven data. This is essential to better target your user and make the consumer journey the best it can be. In analytics, you must always take an audience-first approach. What do they need and more importantly want to they want? Where do they become frustrated? What makes them come back and convert? Where in the funnel do they drop off?  Are your other digital marketing efforts effecting in a negative or positive way? All questions that can be answered through analytics.

A/B testing and data visualization are also a couple topics within analytics that get me really excited. Ever wondered if your conversion rate would be higher if the CTA was placed at the top of the page rather than the bottom? What about showcasing all of your key findings in a digitally interactive graph? Ever hear about machine learning and predictive analysis? Now that is something revolutionary… Unfortunately, too much to talk about here. But, I will leave you with this thought… What if we could use a machine to determine what keywords will actually drive valuable users? Copious amounts of time and money would be saved.

As I said before, there are endless possibilities, but since this post is meant to be short and sweet I will leave it up to you if you want to know more. If you are curious about digital analytics, the software used, and/or want to know more about what analytics can do, I encourage you to do some… RESEARCH! I’ll name drop a few of my favorite sources for all things digital analytics to help you out: