Target’s Deals Duet

Black Friday is right around the corner which means lines wrapped around the building, security trying to prevent people from trampling each other, and yes those oh so sweet holiday discounts. As the days draw nearer I couldn’t help but notice the ever popular catchy Target commercials.

I’m sure you remember Maria Bamford the “Crazy Target Lady” who trained for the 2010 and 2011 Black Friday shopping spree. If you don’t heres a quick preview to refresh your memory. She was a favorite not only around Black Friday but even more so during December as she sang down the card isle.

However, this year Target introduced the Deals Duet as they made their quirky debut. The duo stars in two commercials which feature the traditional songs Deck The Halls and You Hear What I Hear but with a Black Friday lyrical twist. Target seems to be broadening their Black Friday demographic in the two spots, the first for young professionals who are always on the look out for great deals. This spot focuses on the ability to buy one for yourself and one for a friend.

The second spot is unique as it features the typical high schoolers as they text about planning their Black Friday escapades. The 30 second television also uses the iconic line of Target’s 2012 Black Friday advertisements “It’s On”.

Both spots in conjunction with Target’s Black Friday Facebook are memorable and work well with their “target” audience (pun intended). It’s no doubt that the lines will be several hundred feet long when they open at 9:00 PM!

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