Teamwork makes the dream work

My name is Chloe Johnson and I am interning at Temple Athletics in their Sports Marketing Department. More specifically I work with the Creative Services team within sports marketing. So far in my first three weeks working in this department I have learned a lot about the internal side of Temple Athletics. The creative team’s main function is to create content to promote athletic events, fundraising efforts and ultimately bring in revenue for Temple University. As a student-athlete I was already familiar with many of the staff members and was able to see what a photoshoot, or video shoot looks like from the other side of the lens. As an intern, I have been able to see more of the behind the scenes efforts of what all this entails from the graphic design side.

The biggest thing I have taken away from my time interning with Temple Athletics is the necessity for teamwork in a business. Temple Athletics is all about teamwork and this message still applies to how the various departments work together. The sports marketing side consists of many different teams who all must work together, and seeing that process has been really eye opening and useful. There are many different departments in our office including Administration, Compliance, Creative (Video and Digital), Public Relations, Fundraising, Operations, and Development. When a big project comes around it is all hands on deck, and everyone must do their part and then some to make sure it gets done as well, and efficiently as possible.

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  1. I love that there is a highlighted importance for working as a team. I also think that it is awesome that Temple Athletics has a creative department, and its very valuable experience being able to be able to witness what is going on ‘behind the scenes ‘ to get a first hand look and what you are going to be assisting in and a deciding factor in what you may want to do professionally. I hope you enjoy continue to enjoy your experience and excited to see how you do as you continue learning !

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