Temple Ad Club Careers in Communications Panel Discussion

So if you missed the panel discussion last Thursday on careers in communication, don’t worry I’ll catch you up on what you missed.
It was a pretty great event, hosted by Lori Wilson from NBC and featured speakers from a wide variety of places: LevLane, B101 radio station, Brownstein Group, Anne Klein Communications Group and MayoSeitz. A common theme of the discussion was the importance of networking:

Someone said advertising agencies are rarely represented at career fairs because, not only do they mostly hire on demand, but they usually hire based on internal referrals.
Basically that’s the big secret about how to get a job these days- know somebody who knows somebody.

So I’ll leave you with the most important thing i took away from this event: They kept saying to have “high courage”. Be aggressive, be persistent and above all, have something interesting to say.

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