Temple Dining Gets Ready for Spring Semester

I’ve been working at Temple Dining Services as a marketing assistant for almost two years now, but until recently, I didn’t really have much responsibility. The most high-profile thing that I would do was to design posters for any events going on in the Louis J. Esposito cafeteria. This is not to say that I did not enjoy designing event posters, in fact I found the practice quite helpful and very rewarding. Recently, we hired a new Marketing Director and we have been tackling much more ambitious projects, and I am proud to say I have been right in the thick of it. I’ve gotten the opportunity to design a menu for one of our cafes, for instance, which is a cool experience, seeing your design come to life.

Right now we are working on strategies to sell meal plans in the spring semester and we’ve come up with lots of innovative ideas. For instance, we will be recruiting student groups to sell meal plans to raise money for their organization. We’ve been using QR codes like crazy, and next semester will see several flash deals and prize giveaways as incentives. My favorite piece, however, isn’t very innovative at all. We will be taking out ad space on both sides of the platforms at the Cecil B. Moore subway station and the regional rail station, and I get to design it. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to create something real and impactful that will be seen by hundreds of people, and I can’t wait to get started.

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