In September I began my Graphic Design internship at the Temple University Alumni Relations Office. I found out about the position through a friend who received an email about the job and forwarded it to me. It’s funny how some opportunities just seem to fall into your lap. After my interview, I knew it would be a great entry level position, two weeks later I was hired.

My first day I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t really sure what my projects would consist of, or if I would even be enjoying my daily tasks. But, after a brief orientation and walk through of the office, I dove right in. My day to day tasks include some receptionist work like answering phone calls, uploading photos and approving users on the Alumni Association LinkedIn and Temple U Connect. What most of my time is primarily centered around is helping create maps, posters, banners, social media content and signage for events. It’s very enjoyable seeing an event from start to finish and your designs to accompany it.

I most recently worked on the 6th Annual Art Market at Tyler and Crafts & Drafts event. I created all the signage for both events and was even able to create some social media content, beer steins, and map for the event.

Overall, I’ve been learning so much in just the past few weeks at the Alumni Relations Office. My supervisor, Brittany Barrish, has been incredible, she constantly involves me in projects and her passion for her work is contagious. My internship has been a great experience. I’m a firm believer in no skills you gain are useless and most have the ability┬áto ultimately benefit you in the future. I see this position as a great learning experience and I look forward to what it brings.