Temple University Study Abroad Week


September 10 – 14th 

Do you love Temple University but have always wondered what it would be like to study overseas? September 10-14th is your chance to ask all your questions and hear from study abroad alumni who’ve lived your dream. However, now it’s your turn to check that special place off your bucket list! As a summer 2012 London study abroad alumni I highly encourage you to come to as many events that week as you possibly can because once you see just how much study abroad has to offer there is no turning back. It truly is an enriching trip that will forever change your outlook on the world and will have you itching to go to as many places as possible. Take this opportunity because once your in the working world you many never get the chance again, and if you do you can impress your employer with all you already know! To go along with all the great information on the places and process of studying abroad, there will be free breakfasts, coffee, popcorn, and a chance to win an iPad! Check out the calendar of events below for dates and times of specific info sessions as well as take a look at my summer blog to get a feel for just how amazing London was and all the opportunities I had by studying there.

September 10 – 14th Study Abroad Week Calendar

My Summer 2012 London Study Abroad Blog

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