Thank Goodness for My Internship or Else…

I could have ended up in an entry-level job that I absolutely despised!

While I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent interning at ReminderMedia this Fall, and gained a lot of valueable skills and experience, I must say that the number one thing I learned there is that a job in Sales is NOT for me! I am in the Account Management track, and I have dabbled with the idea of perhaps going into a sales related position potentially in the future and so that is why I took this more marketing-focused internship in the first place. While of course my dream is to find a job in account management at an awesome agency after graduation, I can’t quite ignore all of the many people that constantly tell me that you don’t always end up doing exactly what you study to in school. This is why while I’m at Temple I’m trying to dip my toes into several different jobs that I could get into with my Advertising degree. I of course intend on interning in a couple of agencies, but along with that I wouldn’t mind interning at a PR firm or for a marketing company as well. I’ve already interned in sales and on a couple event coordinating efforts, and while these positions may not be the most relevant to the advertising field they have taught me a lot about myself in terms of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as things I want and don’t want in a future job.

Lots of people only view interning as a way to build their resumes and to get experience in what they’ve been studying, but to me it’s about more than that. I look at interning as a way to preview the real-world workplace to learn where I’ll best fit and have the most to offer in a before I’m thrown into it all.  I see this as a way to help me to find a job when I graduate that I’ll actually enjoy and excel at and that to me is worth much more than a few lines on my resume.

To read more about my internship experience at ReminderMedia, click the links below!

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