That one time I cried when I found out I was offered this internship

What does it mean to be an intern? For some, it’s just a title to throw on their resumes, for others, it’s gaining the knowledge needed to fuel their careers. So far, my internship at Harmelin Media has been the most rewarding experience of my young life. After going through Media Planning I and enjoying every project and assignment, I knew I had finally discovered which career path in advertising I wanted to pursue. When I received the email that I was offered a media intern position for the summer, I immediately cried tears of joy. I was so excited that I had landed my very first internship and that a very well-known media planning and buying agency wanted to hire me. May 12th could not have come soon enough!

I arrived early on my day and was warmly greeted by my supervisor. It made it easier to break the ice because she was the one who had interviewed me. She kindly gave me an in-depth tour of the office and introduced me to the team that I would be assisting. Everyone was super friendly and laid-back. I knew I would fit right in to the culture. I was then situated into the intern room, given my laptop, and put right to work. In a busy company, there is no time to waste.

I think so far the most comforting aspect of serving as an intern at Harmelin is that I was reassured that this internship is a learning experience and it is okay to make mistakes. Even the members of the team admit they make mistakes and learn from them. To me, this really shows how down-to-earth they are and that they strive to promote a positive work environment. Additionally, the time and dedication of the team to the interns is amazing. When someone has a project for me, they come in and sit down, and thoroughly explain it until they are positive I understand what I am doing. Not only do they go over project in great detail, they provide me with extensive background knowledge so I know why I am doing what I am doing. I am grateful to have been placed on a team that truly collaborates as a team.


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