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188130_17631235976_2915865_n I’m Cara Irizarry and I have been interning at since May. is an online resource for people who like to be in the know about events, music, food, fashion, and art in Philadelphia. Members can connect with other members, find and sign up for events, happy hours, open bars, and charity fundraisers, search for information about bars, restaurants, and other venues, read articles about nightlife and culture in Philadelphia, and view event photos.

As a Social Media Intern, I worked in collaboration with one other Social Media Intern, Jennifer Russell, to assist with Event Management and VIP Marketing. My duties have included, but are not limited to promoting VIP events on all of’s social media outlets, which included brand new Facebook fan pages, a new Twitter account, and promoting the VIP Club on Yelp and other event listing sites, such as Philadelphia Weekly. I have worked at least one VIP Club event each week,  usually running the guest list or taking photographs. I have done research on social media marketing strategies and tactics and assisted in creating copy for promotional items such as social media posts, event listings, newsletters, dedicated emails, and promotional materials. I have even written a few editorial articles for My main project, however, was creating a social media schedule and templates for the creation and management of tasks to increase efficiency and to keep the Philly2night website, and all of its related social media content, up-to-date regarding upcoming events and promotions.

I love working within a small company. Everyone can, and does, help out with everything, especially the interns. I have not interned at another company, so I am not sure how this relates to other organizations. One of the things I love about this internship, though, is that I can be involved in any and all departments. I love that there are so many opportunities to learn so many different types of things. If you are eager to be involved, you can learn. The senior  managers within the company are so gracious and helpful. Even when they are busy, they go above and beyond to teach an intern how to do something.

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  1. This internship seems awesome Cara! It seems like they really get you involved and keep you active within the company! I have been on this site a few times, but I never knew they had a twitter or facebook page to promote their website. I think social media today is a huge impact on how it effects the companys overall image.

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