That time I didn’t meet Jake Gyllenhaal

Alright, so the headline may have caused some curiosity but seriously, it happened. Most posts are all about the positives of the internship experience or overcoming the initial issues. This one deals with completely missing the internship mark and missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As I was sitting at Penn State main, depressed at the sight of Ohio State almost losing the game. Ohio State pulls off the overtime win, therefore my day of drinking and trash talking efforts are not in vain. Back in Philly, Allied Integrated Marketing had held a little secret from the office about a certain screening that night.


Unfortunately, the nearly solo celebration was brought to a halt. A screening of Nightcrawler, which was showing at the Rave Cinema in University City was in progress. By the end of the movie, I hear the news. Jake Gyllenhaal made an appearance to introduce the film. Of course, I didn’t take up the offer from my co-worker to attend the screening. Drinking in State College, watching Penn State lose was far too great of an opportunity to pass up or so I thought.

Here is my advice, participate in the out of office events at your internship. Most internships will offer something other than the basic “9-5” office structure but don’t be blinded by the immediately attractive option. Take a moment to realize the value in creating connections. I have since done as many screenings and events I can fit in my schedule. Even last Tuesday, I was able to meet the director of Black Sea, Kevin MacDonald. You haven’t heard of it but trust me, it’s good. It stars Jude Law so it just can’t be bad.

Form a bond with your co-workers and do the unexpected.

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