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This fall, I've had the pleasure of working as a marketing intern for Rising Sun Presents.

This fall, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a marketing intern for Rising Sun Presents. Rising Sun Presents is responsible for promoting and marketing all concerts and events at venues including Underground Arts, Ardmore Music Hall, and Milkboy Philly.

Having previous experience in music marketing, I was thrilled for what new ventures this internship would allow me to explore. My time at Rising Sun Presents gave me valuable insight into ad building, outreach, and copywriting, and solidified my choice to further my career in entertainment marketing.

Working live shows at Underground Arts and Ardmore Music Hall gave me the opportunity to build relationships with other music industry professionals who supported me in new ventures, including my passion for live music photography. I contributed in-house photography for over 15+ shows that were showcased on the venue’s social media pages.

Some advice I would give to those entering the world of entertainment marketing – or internships in general – is to make as many connections as possible, especially with those in similar positions to you. Your superiors are obviously important to build good relationships with, but other interns and staff are the ones you’ll be working alongside one day. They will be your future colleagues and partners.

Entertainment marketing can be tedious, time-consuming, and demanding at times. I’m grateful that my passion to be immersed in the industry is strong enough to make these seem negligible in the big picture. The entertainment industry is congested with lots of people who may seem intimidating and discourage aspiring professionals. It’s important to stay true to yourself and not get intimidated by the competitive world of music business.

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