The AD industry: Stress, but Great Rewards

Throughout my whole experience as an account service intern at Tag Strategies, the internship has taught me how valuable it is to apply the knowledge you learned from the classroom into the real world. It has also taught me that every branding firm and agency is different. Whether its big, small, or medium sized, each agency has a different goal. What I really like about Tag Strategies is its mission in finding the “It” factor in every client. What will make each product differentiate itself from other competitors?

My advice? Stay on top of current events and trends. A Youtube video can become an overnight sensation. Know what’s happening from social media to the new advertising campaigns that agencies are working on.

It is important to have a great relationship with your client. My mentor had mentioned to me early on that it is crucial to always be a step ahead of your client. That way, the client is at ease in knowing that you are on top of your work and finding the best solutions to any problem the client has.

Another thing I learned from this internship or rather the advertising industry in general is the stress level it can bring. A lot of STRESS. I don’t mean to scare you or give you any concerns, but this industry is very tough. I remember my mentor expressing to me that any person in this industry or is considering this type of career should have thick skin. Maybe ‘should’ is not the right word, you MUST have thick skin. 

But with a lot of stress, also comes great rewards. Adding the finishing touches and seeing the final result of the product can have an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Its a great feeling knowing that you have worked hard from the early stages of the creative process and to the final stage in production. And the best part of all? You get to work with a team. A team of talented and inspiring individuals. That’s what I see at Tag Strategies and that’s what I hope I will experience when I start my career in advertising.

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