Hi, my name is Pratyusha Chintalapudi, and I am a Senior in Advertising, with a concentration in Media Planning, at Temple University. It has been a wild journey to get to this place. Before I was at Klein College, I was studying Entrepreneurship at Fox School — until I felt an urge to get into the creative space. This led me to the advertising field; I loved the aspect of creating something so unique that someone would want to buy it. It was the mixture of business and creativity that I yearned for.
This summer I was honored with the opportunity to work with Who We Are LLC, a company that stands for creating an atmosphere where everyone feels included and inclined to learn. Who We Are creates videos to help people who have studied engineering become better communicators and more confident speakers. The beauty of the videos that they sell is that they are not only helping other people become better speakers, they are also bringing out the fire in those people and making them reach their highest potential. The work I was doing felt especially empowering because I have struggled with speaking up for myself and being more confident in my own voice. I learned a lot from my boss, Aditya Guthey, who gave me the push to ask any questions that I had and was always ready to help. I felt a part of something bigger than me and felt that I was making a difference.
I learned a lot from my experience working with Who We Are, from learning how to take constructive criticism to opening up and sharing my ideas. Who We Are created a fostering environment that helped me grow not only as a creator, but as a person. My boss valued my time and made sure that I had the tools I needed to expand my knowledge. I learned to be more open to new ideas and perspectives. This not only helped me in this internship but I know will help me when I am seeking a job.