The Benefits of Working for a Smaller Agency

Coming into ChatterBlast, I had my expectations of what my experience was going to entail as an account management intern. If it was anything like I learned in class, as an account manager, I would have a certain set of duties. I would be given a couple clients to work with and make sure they were aware of what was going on in the agency throughout the week either through meetings or email. On top of that, I would make sure the different departments were always in the know via creative briefs or other ways of communicating. I expected to be given a little less responsibility than a standard account manager, but still have those kinds of tasks in general.

ChatterBlast completely flipped those expectations on its head in the best way possible. As a smaller agency, I was able to connect more to the other departments. For that, I was very well acquainted with the expectations of everyone around me. Not only did I write the expected creative briefs, but I was also able to touch work from the ads/analytics department, the media planning department, and the copywriting department. Often I would find myself scheduling out content for different platforms, writing captions, and conducting social listening. 

I was able to do that variety of work for several different kinds of clients as well. I wasn’t pigeonholed into one certain kind of client, but was able to explore dealing with several different industries. The clients I deal with ranged from auto dealerships, lawn care companies, water treatment companies, elderly care, and other universities. Each had their own different target audience, different wants and needs for their platforms, and different end goals.

There was never a dull day and for that I am so grateful for my first semester with ChatterBlast. I would not have gotten this much diversity in my tasks or clients had I gone to a larger agency. I feel so much more knowledgeable of the advertising world and more ready to take on account management once I graduate. My one regret was having all my work time in the afternoon so I missed out on nearly all client meetings, but I hope to correct that when I return for the upcoming semester.

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  1. Chatterblast is a very common place to get an internship here at Temple. I am glad that you got the opportunity to work with multiple clients from different industries. I too have account management as a concentration so it’s interesting to see your point of view on the job you had. Congrats on this opportunity!

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