The Best of Philly… in North Philly!

Being a Design Home intern forPhiladelphiamagazine, does not just mean working solely on this project. Yes, it is my main focus and job, but I do get to experience other parts of Philadelphiamagazine that make this internship so wonderful. Last night, I volunteered for one of Philly mag’s biggest events of the year, The Best of Philly party. Each year, in August, the magazine comes up with the best “things” ofPhiladelphia. Some of the categories this year included, Best Costume Bling, Funniest Man on the Radio, and Best Delivery Sushi. All the winners were invited along with lists created by editors and account executives. The location this year was at Vie on600 North Broad Street, right down the street fromTemple. It is a brand new location andPhiladelphiamagazine was the first to hold an event there! From the cupcake truck to the photo booth, volunteering was a whole lot of fun.

It is nice to be an intern at a company where you feel included in events. It is worth all of the hours and hard work that I have put into my project. I am looking forward the most towards September because that is the launch of the Design Home. As of now, I am finishing compiling client materials and organizing so that when the web designer is ready to start the virtual aspect of Design Home, it is ready to go for him. In order for this to run smoothly, I must be in constant communication with the clients. The tours at the house start in September and run through October. A cool aspect of the Design Home is that the designer and builder come up with the perfect family that emulates the interior and exterior of the home. This year, since the house is a renovation project from an historic old manor into a contemporary house with a new addition and all of the latest features, the family became the “Brady family”. Everyone can relate to a Brady, whether it is the middle sister wanting to be like her older sister, the housekeeper loving the butcher, or the mother and father rationalizing every conflict between their happy-go-lucky kids (or at least I think everyone can relate to this…). Whether or not this “perfect family” is totally relatable, the design of the house was based around a few of these characters. Check it out here…

I have put so much time into this project already, and I know August will become chaotic and probably pretty stressful. Hopefully, after the Design Home is complete, I want to stay on board with the internship and continue in the fall. This is truly a great place to show how dedicated I am to developing skills in the work world!

Here are some more photos of the Design Home (wish I could show you pictures of the Best of Philly party, but you will just have to buy September’s issue to see them!)…


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