The Bittersweet End

My finals day at Poptent have been bittersweet. Finishing up on last minute projects, and putting the final touches on all the work I’ve done throughout the summer has made me realize how many different aspects I oversaw at the Poptent office, the short time I was there. From sitting in on client conference calls, to working on creative briefs, I can truly say this opportunity was once in a lifetime. The huge amount of responsibility that I was granted, and the ability to create submission reports for billion-dollar brands like Bud Light and Cracker Jack has been amazing.

On my last day, the office decided to surprise me with a Pizza Party, and all the staff came together in the conference room one last time, offering me tips, tricks and life advice I couldn’t leave Poptent without knowing. I’ve learned a lot at in the past two and a half months and have had the opportunity to meet some really awesome people. Everyone at the Poptent office strongly believes in their unique business model, and truly gives everything they can to their work. They have each inspired me to work harder to get where I want to be and have motivated me to further seek out a film education. I have gained so much from this experience, and can’t wait to see the company grow even further.

P.S. Here’s a Facebook photo post we had so much fun making, to promote our new assignment for Stacy’s Pita Chips.



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