The Black Lodge

I need a new creative process ...

I need a new creative process. Most of my time spent ideating at Cohere includes browsing through GIFs, social feeds, & watching recycled YouTube clips in order to come up with something of my own. I could use some guidance. I guess this is what I should be doing because after all, I am a social media intern. When I first started at Cohere. I sort of expected it to be more team based, but instead, I spend most of my time independently, occasionally reporting to my superiors.  

I’m not complaining because they put out a ton of great work using this model, but at the same time, I personally come up with my best ideas when they are being bounced around a room of like-minded individuals. With that said, I really have enjoyed my time at Cohere. The workspace is super cool and has a huge open area filled with Macs and humans alike. Aside from this, there is a conference room filled with odd chairs, as if every one of them was picked up at a random thrift store at some point. Quirky, I know, but it adds a nice touch. One last thing that I have to mention is the kitchen, fully stocked with coffee & espresso, that they give the interns free reign over. 

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