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I am observing how important the marketing department is in relation to the operation of the Kimmel Center.

Hi my name is Divante B and I am a current advertising student at Temple U. I have an interest in advertising research & media planning.

As a Klein student in the advertising program, I thought I’d apply for marketing internships since the responsibilities are similar. After applying through the Klein Connect interface in May, I finally received an offer after a completive process in August.  I am now a marketing intern at the Kimmel Center. I work closely with the institutional marketing manager.

This experience is different than what I thought it would be because I thought I would be focusing solely on audience research. However over the course of the internship I have been able to work on tasks and projects beyond research including community outreach, social media, planning, etc. As I continue to learn daily, I am observing how important the marketing department is in relation to the operation of the Kimmel Center. As an unpaid intern we receive free tickets to shows and programs at the Kimmel which is a nice perk of working here. I have met plenty of people and opportunities that I would not have had without this experience.

For instance, the other day I got to attend a seminar and network with a panel of executives and managers within the music industry. I got to meet the manager of Alicia Keys, Estelle, and Musiq Soulchild. Opportunities like these are hard to come by and I would not have gotten here without the Kimmel.

Overall the Kimmel Center has generated a significant amount of recognition in the Philadelphia community due to its large theatrical presence and philanthropic endeavors. Moving forward I believe that being associated with the Kimmel Center as an intern will be significant enough to open many more opportunities in the Philadelphia region.

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  1. Hey Divante,

    I really enjoyed reading about your internship at the Kimmel Center – that’s an awesome opportunity. During my internship, I actually had to do things with the Kimmel Center fairly often regarding upcoming shows. I wonder if we have ever crossed paths over the course of the semester. It’s really cool that you were given the opportunity to work on a lot more than initially expected, it’s awesome to see that the people you were working for believed in your ability to do much more. Getting free stuff is also awesome too, my internship was also unpaid but the gave me the opportunity to take free promotional items if I found them in the promo closet, which was really nice.

    Awesome to see that you had a cool experience interning, it seems like it was a great opportunity.

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