The City I’m Giving Back To

The city where most youth don't even get to see their 21st birthday.

Hello, everyone! My name is Kareem! I was interning at Camden Health & Athletic Association for the summer in the city where most youth don’t even get to see their 21st birthday. Camden, New Jersey is a city of poverty, crime, and corruption. What I did with my summer was open my mind to giving back to what needs the most help. Keeping the youth of my city off the streets and into activity and most importantly, school. The next generation does not deserve to continue all the wrong doings that is going on in our city except change. Mostly, the reason I wanted to be so active within my city, change deserves to happen immediately.

My entire summer consisted of campers that I inspired for a lifetime. Being able to orchestrate a team and maintain a camp (or camps) was a great experience. A football camp, golf camp and basketball summer league was some of the best and most frustrating times ever. I personally was promoting and organizing and I must say it is most certainly time consuming working on the organization with the camps and inventory for what was given out to campers. Professional athletes like, Haasan Reddick and Dajuan Wagner helped donate to our youth camps as well. Them being from the city and giving back was such a great thing for our youth to see. Not only were they thankful, these campers were inspired and that is what everyone from the city wants to do. We want to inspire the next so they can get up and out the city just like we all dreamed of.

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