The Corporate Wellness Challenge

Over the course of the semester, we were focused on building new corporate wellness partners with companies in Philadelphia. This means that we provide discounted memberships along with other various benefits if a company signs up at least 15 employees for our gym. These relationships are very beneficial to both us and the companies involved, so we spent much of our time brainstorming ways to get companies to sign on.

This also involved traveling with our boss to a few meetings with the CEO or Human Resource Manager of some big name insurance companies and law firms. We (the interns) were only really there to gain experience and take notes, while our boss made the sales pitch to the company. Even though there was no pressure on us, we still felt pretty intimidated sitting in a meeting with such powerful people. Overall, these meetings did turn out to be a great learning experience because I got to see exactly how business deals really go down. It turns out they just have casual conversation like normal people.

Along with these meetings, we also had to create our own sales pitch for the Corporate Wellness Plan and present that to our boss and a few other employees. That was extremely hectic, but I felt that I gave a great presentation and really hit on all of the key points that our boss stressed throughout the semester.

I learned a great deal from working on the Corporate Wellness Plan all semester and I am really glad I got the chance to see so much of corporate America because of it.

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