The End Is Here

I have now reached the final week of my internship at The Nouveau Image. It has truly been a very rewarding experience. I was able to learn a lot during the course of the internship. I always enjoy being able to apply my skills outside of the classroom.

As I have stated in previous posts this internship was more public relations based; whereas my academic foundation is in the field of advertising. Though both fields fascinate me I believe that I have stronger skills in advertising. Somewhere in the future I would not mind further exploring public relations. This internship has further helped me narrow down what it is that I really want to do with my career. I am not 100% sure what that is as of now, but I feel like I’m one step closer to discovering what I am supposed to contribute to this world.

I would like to thank Michelle Miller, CEO of The Nouveau Image, for all of the support and guidance that she has given me during my time there. I truly appreciate the patience and the teaching that was administered as well as the encouragement.


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