The End of an Era

To end my senior year interning for Campus Recreation was a great experience and a work load I can’t forget. I was able to discover a lot about myself and which direction in the advertising field I would like to venture into. Being able to work with the amazing group of small people like I did was special. It gave me a new perspective as to how to communicate and create in such a inclusive work place. I was constantly asked to step out of the box, think like the consumer, and ask why. It’s motivation and pushes like these that helped me really come up with some work I completed this semester at Campus recreation. Included in that, my Director just completed school and received her Doctorate degree. This was a huge accomplishment for her and the team because we constantly talked about what she needed to get done before the due date, and how she could effectively communicate her thesis. These conversation actually had a large impact on me because a thesis is almost the same as the main marketing objective. You need to have a complete end idea, supporting ideas of how it works, when it will happen, and why it should happen. My internship this semester was a crazy ride, but I pulled something off great work.

Leaving is a bittersweet ordeal, but I know that my peers and I will have endless possibilities to pursue and conquer.

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