The Focus Groups of FPG

Since my last update I’ve moved from re-wording and re-posting material to posting it on my own, which doesn’t necessarily add any difficulty to the assignment, it just gets rather time-consuming.  I’m now posting on six different sites where Focus Pointe Global has an online presence anywhere between five and twenty-five times a day.  I wouldn’t call it a terribly heavy burden of responsibility but I would point out that it’s kept me on my toes knowing that any mistake I make reflects on Focus Pointe.  I’ve included an example of a Twitter post, which is the easiest since there is such a limit to what you can say in the set character cap.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Focus Pointe’s main Philadelphia headquarters at 2 Logan Square, where I got the grand tour and a look at how things work in an actual focus group office.  The first thing I have to say about that place was that it was immaculate — any time an employee stopped moving for a second or two, they were re-adjusting a chair, picking something off the floor, or anything they could to make sure it all looked amazing.  Secondly, they were very in-control of the entire situation, whether it was getting twenty people signed in and herded into the waiting room for a focus group, dealing with the last focus group coming out from a meeting and looking for their rewards, or the clients paying for the focus groups who needed constant attention at the same time, every employee was exactly on point; it seemed very rehearsed.

I liked seeing how things were run at 2 Logan Square.  I got a better understanding of how a focus group takes place and the dedication the employees put in to making the experience 100% perfect for both the clients and the people recruited for the focus groups; customer service management is really key when you’re working with multiple levels of clients simultaneously.




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