The Golden Rule To An Internship

This post contains the Golden Rule of how to obtain an internship.

This post contains the Golden Rule of how to obtain an internship.

Personally my first step would to be more outgoing and do everything you can to introduce yourself to those who are in the field you are currently thinking bout joining. From my experience when I thought about going to law school, I talked to everyone to get used to it and break out of my shell and spoke to everyone in the legal field. In doing so, I met a big shot corporate attorney that offered to guide me through the process of law school and so on after that. If you follow that advice and break out of your shell you’d be surprised with the things you can accomplish.


  1. Hey Kyle, great advice! developing relationships/connections during your internship can make a world of a difference. I also find it is important to come across as genuine is everything you do and say. People who have been in the industry for a while can sniff out unauthenticity from a mile away! During these conversations, maintaining eye contact is key. It shows the person that the words they are speaking are worthy of your time and that you appreciate the moment of communication. Congrats on the mentorship, that’s huge!

  2. Kyle, this is an incredibly helpful post. Making connections is the most important thing you can do when searching for an internship and/or job. I would add that you should say yes to everything. Even if an opportunity doesn’t sound like your thing, try it! You might surprise yourself, and it may turn into something much greater than you ever dreamed!

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