The Hit Man…

Philadelphia Mob Hit Man John Veasey

This composition would make an amazing outdoor installation, but I could understand neighborhood groups not wanting to glorify mafioso (especially since the fascination has died down). It’s credited to mosaic portrait artist, Jason Mecier. It would fit right in at the Magic Gardens (of crime). It’s like MacGuyver’s war chest. I’m really curious as to where this piece ended up. If I could buy it, I’d turn it into a coffee table. Not a single piece of Scarface power art can touch this.

To this day, I don’t think I’ve had a class more interesting than organized crime that I took at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). It was the only 8AM class I never missed. I wonder how many ex-FBI agents/professors we have at Temple. The stuff he taught us in class wound up in documentaries in the following years. Mr. Thomas Doyle was the real deal.

Philadelphia Magazine November 2010

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