The importance of interning for the right company


Interning can be a nerve-racking experience. When I began to think about interning,  I was slightly reluctant because I had heard so many horror stories about internships from friends and peers. I knew I wanted to work for a company that would allow me to grow my knowledge of a specific industry as well as help me gain experience working in the real world. I searched high and low for a well established company that had internship opportunities. It took me a good amount of time, but luckily I found Harmelin Media.

Early on, my internship supervisors discussed how “you get what you put into it”. This could not be more true. Some students and interns are okay with scraping by and doing the bare minimum, but why? The whole point of an internship is to grow and learn, so its important to do your best, be self-motivated and always eager to learn. Not only do you have to have this attitude, but you have to make sure wherever you are interning will allow you to do so. I chuckled at some of the internship descriptions that said “you won’t be getting coffee”. I never thought that I could actually find an internship that I wouldn’t be completing mindless tasks. I can honestly say I never was given a project that was meaningless or something that an actual employee would never have to do. I often worked alongside employees to complete the very few small “office” tasks I was asked to complete. I was shocked that I was not doing office work, ordering supplies, or running errands.

Its also extremely important to find a great office culture. My team members treated me like I was an employee of Harmelin. This allowed me to have FUN, yes, FUN while working. I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable coming into the office every Tuesday and Thursday. I could tell everyone enjoyed working for Harmelin, especially because many employees have been there for years. When I talk to other professionals  about how I interned with Harmelin,  they always say Harmelin is a GREAT company, very family oriented and has great employee retention.

Not only did the internship help me gain valuable skills, experience and knowledge-  it showed me exactly what I am looking for in a company. Many people have differing opinions about the advertising industry, but my positivite attitude has been re-affirmed by this opportunity. I know that there is company gold out there, you just have to search for it.

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  1. Hey Shelby, your internship with Harmelin Media sounds awesome. After my last internship, one of my biggest goals is an internship that actually teaches me about the industry and gives me some real experience. I’ve heard about a lot of internships at Harmelin Media – is there a pretty established internship program there? I’d definitely like to hear more about your experience!

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