The Importance of Team Chemistry In Business Meetings and Workplace

My name is Alex Richardson and I am currently a senior advertising major focusing in copywriting. For the last three months I have been interning with KYW News Radio. I’ve had two different positions with my internship: ad sales and copywriting. So every Wednesday everyone from the sales department has a business meeting, which are always run by the VP/Senior Executive. After attending these meetings for the past several months, I’ve been able to realize the great chemistry between all the workers for the advertising sales department. And this is mainly because of how the VP handles his workers. Despite the meeting being 8:30 AM, everyone is always there, on time, and greeting one another with a smile. Of course the meetings are serious, but that doesn’t stop everyone in the room from laughing at jokes or congratulating everyone for making a sale or gaining a new client. The VP always prints out a weekly sheet that has the scheduled events coming up and which ones should be everyone’s main priority. He always encourages all the workers that they can accomplish each sale they are aiming for, and relate to their previous success as an example that they can do it. He also keeps things competitive. For some events, whoever sells the most amount of ad space is rewarded a completely paid vacation. He also rewards incentives such as gift cards each month for each individual’s performance for that specific month. The VP also makes sure everyone is on top of each event, but in a fun way. He’ll print out small slips with all types of different questions, but they mainly all relate to upcoming events. Some will be about the overall benefits advertising with KYW. With the combination of motivation, humor, incentives, and the question slips, the VP manages his fellow workers in genuine way and holds the team chemistry at a high level.

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