This semester I have been interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine. In the past, interning for them gave me wonderful experience in what it takes to get the magazine off the ground, from the advertising and publishing perspective. This semester, my knowledge of this area was reinforced and I learned a great deal more about that. I also had an opportunity to see what all goes in to putting out a magazine and keep the strong brand going.

As an art direction track ad major, I don’t have much experience in writing, but have always felt that it is something I should have more of. That is exactly what I got! I was able to try my hand at writing blurbs for the online daily streaming calendar as well as put together roughs for reviews. This was such a great experience!

I also got to see more about how having events really shows the readers that you care as well as takes the brands personality off the pages of a magazine and puts them in to reality. I learned that these events are a huge part of the many pieces that make up a strong magazine and brand.