The Internship I Never Expected

My name is Kelsey Gallagher and I am currently interning at Group Two Advertising. They are a company that specializes in advertising and marketing for home-builders. I work with the Digital strategist as a digital marketing intern. Through my experience so far with the company, I was welcomed in as an adult who was ready to learn everything that I could about digital marketing and reporting. To be honest, going into the process I was not very interested in digital marketing, considering that I am originally a Media Planning advertising major. That being said, the information that I have learned has made me appreciate digital marketing in a way I never thought that I would.

This experience has taught me so many new things. Overall the most important thing that I think that it has taught me is just the understanding of how a real-life agency runs. This is something that I have never experienced before considering that this is my first internship. Seeing how the whole company runs and how the staff all works in harmony is very interesting and makes me excited to work in an agency in the future. Along with that, I have learned how to use different platforms such as Google Ads and Google Analytics, something that I never thought that I would be interested in, but now that I know how to use them, I think that this is one of the most interesting parts of my internship.

The experience that I am having here at Group Two is one that I could never have imagined. I have learned things at an extremely fast pace, and I am learning things that are for the real business world. I have been given the opportunity to work on my own on clients and their ads and this is a type of responsibility that I could have never expected from a first internship. I thought that all of the rumors about internships would be true and I would be getting coffee for workers, but it turns out that at my specific internship that I am given a lot of responsibility and left alone to figure things out in a way that will make my learning experience the best that it can be. I will be always in debt to Group Two for this opportunity that they have given me to start my internship career.

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