Hello! My name is Stephanie Schellberg and I am a senior Advertising major in Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. This semester, I had the pleasure of serving as an Account Management intern at This Is It TV Network, which is a national, minority-owned digital TV network based in Philadelphia that works to empower female entrepreneurs. The CEO, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, was my mentor and showed me various aspects of agency life. This internship has taught me values that will be the foundation for my personal and professional growth in the future.

My daily tasks varied, but every day I was able to challenge myself with new projects. My long-term project consisted of reaching out to influential women for our “Screamer Program.” This platform provides women the opportunity to speak about their entrepreneurial journeys and offer advice to others in the same position. It was truly inspiring meeting so many bright, young individuals, who built companies solely from networking. I believe that the work being done at This Is It TV networks enables women to strive for greatness.

Working in Center City in an office where everyone is extremely efficient and confident was very intimidating. However, I had colleagues and mentors that worked with me effortlessly to make sure that I understood each task that I was given. I was able to work on various personal skills that helped me understand the role of being an Account Manager. I’ve learned to be proactive, accountable, and empathetic. This experience has taught me about perspective, which is crucial when working with clients as well as other departments within an agency. With my internship coming to an end I have gained a lot of knowledge into the industry as a whole and I am very passionate about starting my career as an Account Manager. My advice to interns don’t be afraid to make mistakes, ask questions, or present new ideas. Help inspire others with your drive and enjoy the work you are creating!