The Liberty Line

It’s noisy, crowded and over saturated with content.

I first discovered The Liberty Line roughly 18 months ago in the comment section of a r/sixers subreddit. As an avid consumer of sports and sports media and a ‘cares way too much guy’ about the trivial failures and moderate success of Philadelphia sports teams, I was surprised to find an unfamiliar name in this space. Upon click through and a visit to their landing page, my reason for my not knowing was quickly explained: they were new. Not only were they new – they were good. Since then I have continued to follow The Liberty Line blog because they were providing content on a daily basis about topics that are relevant and of interest to me. It’s really that simple. Find a market, understand its wants and needs and satisfy its demand.

To compete in the industry of sports media coverage as a startup could seem like an ambitious if not foolish endeavor for TLL. It’s noisy, crowded and over saturated with content. 18 months later I am now completing an internship with The Liberty Line, which over that time has solidified its position as a legitimate ‘player’ in the Philadelphia sports media market; hosting a team of daily bloggers, 8 podcasts covering five major sports and an exclusive partnership with Parx Sportsbook and Casino. I consider these growth benchmarks to be achievements by a young company like TLL. I also regard these achievements to be proof positive that fundamental business practices like supply and demand are relevant even in emerging, non-traditional markets like online content creation.

The fate of a company ultimately resides in its ability to create a better product than its competitors and deliver it to market. The Liberty Line is still here because it’s the best thing going.

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