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For my internship, I had the pleasure of working as a Social Media & Branding Manager at The Polish Nail Lounge ...

My name is Sam Grandel, and through my studies in the Temple Advertising department, I have developed a strong interest and passion for branding and the growing power of digital media. Most of my classes involve branding – a complex science of communication that integrates imagery, copy, feeling and emotion to convey complex messages from business to consumer.

For my internship, I had the pleasure of working as a Social Media & Branding Manager at The Polish Nail Lounge (, a Philly based nail salon that recently expanded to a second location in the Art Museum area. When I first spoke to the owner, Leona Vergantino, she was in the process of opening a second salon location. Leona, a Philadelphia native, has been a nail technician for over thirteen years and opened her first salon in 2013.

I see business as a puzzle where everything fits together in a particular way and how all of the pieces are essential to the end image. For me, the fun is seeing how it all connects; for example, if The Polish Nail Lounge online experience did not match the in-store experience and expectation of the consumer, the pieces wouldn’t fit together, thus making for a disjointed and confusing experience for the customer.

The Polish Nail Lounge utilizes Instagram (@ThePolishNailLounge) as a means to stay connected with its clients and to help communicate the brand identity. I reviewed the brand’s Instagram, and I saw that the account was pretty good, but lacked cohesion and fluidity. Because this is part of the beauty industry, much of it relies on lifestyle, feelings, and emotion. I developed content that would reflect this sentiment and connect to Leona’s vision for the brand. Reviewing the results of my social media and branding tactics, The Polish Nail Lounge Instagram account gained +151 followers over four months and saw an increase in likes, comments, and views.


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Through my work with Leona and The Polish Nail Lounge, I gained experience working with a local business, saw the intricacies of small business, and worked in a field that was completely new to me. Although I had no prior knowledge of nail care, I was able to implement and test my own strategies for branding and social media. This internship pushed me to think strategically and creatively given the limitations that come with small business, to help elevate the brand. It was exciting working with someone like Leona, who is local and passionate about her business, and getting to learn directly from the owner. As we graduate from this program with our BA in Advertising degrees, we leave knowing that we hold a degree that is versatile and applicable to a variety of industries.

sam grandel

If you would like to connect, please feel free to contact me through email: or Instagram @samgrandel 

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