The payoff

For the last few weeks at my internship I’ve been working on the same project. One of the agency’s clients requested an audit of all videos on their websites, and due to the setup of the websites and the information needed, the process must me done manually.  Unfortunately, with the client having numerous sub-divisions and each site for each sub-division containing a hundred videos, this project was very time-extensive. My supervisors were very supportive throughout my work and routinely checked in with me, but I can’t say that I was very motivated to complete such a mundane task.  However, once I had finished the project and it was submitted to the client, I felt my attitude regarding the project had changed entirely. The client told my supervisor that she loved the work, and she asked that we continue with another portion of the project since she was so pleased with the direction it was going. Of course, this second phase was just as intensive as the first, but I didn’t mind. for almost every other assignment I had done, both academically and professionally, I had never had a great sense of accomplishment. In classes when I hand in an assignment and receive a good grade, I still know that the assignment isn’t serving a purpose. In my internship most of the things I had worked on were either to assist with a different project for a supervisor, or were things that the client wouldn’t see. There have been a few times where research I’d done for a project was taken well by the agency, but I had never gotten feedback from a client. To have my work, especially work that I spent so much time on, reviewed and approved by a client is highly satisfying. It feels great to know that a project I completed is being utilized by a client who paid for the work. I’m looking forward to more experiences like this in future internships and jobs.

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