It’s obvious that on national pizza day, you need a perfect Instagram photo to fit the theme. Something that celebrates pizza, but reminds viewers that they’d look much cuter while eating it if they dressed in your company’s clothes. Another brand under the parent company that I work for is a large food brand that makes specialty pizzas, which turned out to be a perfect prop for a national pizza day photoshoot. Other props, in addition to the two models, were wine glasses, a rug, a throw blanket and the clothing that the models were wearing, all provided by our brand. The final photo that was used on social seems like a quick and easy photo of a simple scene: two girls enjoying pizza and a glass of wine. In reality, the photo took a lot of planning, designing and rearranging in the studio. It’s important to be able to see all the products in the shot, as the post is an advertisement for all of them. The models and props were continuously rearranged to achieve the best composition. Multiple types of pizza were swapped in and out to make the photo more interesting and cohesive. It’s sometimes funny to see all the work that goes in to such a seemingly simple photo that most people might not think anything of, but it’s so cool seeing how professional photographers in the photo studio work to achieve it!