The Power of Pigs #2

The past 3 weeks have been very exciting. Three weeks ago, I was asked to help with Hatfield Meat’s Christmas holiday ham promotions. I was moved from the sales department to the marketing and promotional department. Along with helping them with their Ham promotions, I was asked to help the marketing people with different projects. Throughout the past couple weeks, we have had a few meetings as far as brainstorming and figuring out what the cost would be to implement any type of promotion. Once we decided that we were going with a certain plan, we had to go over it with our boss and figure out a plan. I had the opportunity to go to a printing company and see what the process is for making different signs and other things. I would have to pick them up from the printing company and take them back to the marketing department at Hatfield. I also had to go to the advertising agency that they work with which is Allabach Communications in Souderton. They are mainly a print advertising agency but they also do radio. When I went there, we had a meeting on what our plan was to promote the holiday hams and we also talked about other products. We went over the overall plan, discussed budget, and laid out a strategy where we could reach the consumers.



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