The Realities of My First Internship

Learning comes with experience, and my experience taught me so much.

Before I had and experienced my first internship, I truthfully did not know what to expect. Prior to having this experience, my previous work experience was not anything professional or in an office, and coming into this opportunity I did not know what to expect.

Through my internship experience, I learned so much and my eyes were open to the differences in professional environments, and how my expectations were similar and sometimes different to my expectations. Going in, I assumed an internship was automatically going to be a business formal environment where everyone would be dressed like they are ready to go to a courtroom or important meeting. In some cases, yes, this may be true. I just assumed this before actually looking into it, and that is far from correct. All business environments are different, and their standards and expectations for the work place are all very different.

My internship with I-G Creative This is it TV was a very comfortable space for me. I loved being in a more casual environment, where I would still act professional and do my work, while wearing something other than a pant suit. I loved the creative energy and spirit within the work space, and how we all collaborated with our work and felt comfortable around each other and got our work done in an understanding and cooperative space. I absolutely loved the judgment free environment where we were able to talk out questions, ideas and suggestions.

Through my time with I-G Creative I was lucky to be introduced to so many people. Being that my internship was with a daily talk show host and company, we interviewed so many fascinating people, and made many connections. I was able to meet people from all across the board, some being amazing boss women, to meeting someone hustling hard for their dreams. Each day brought different tasks and assignments, some being small and some being large. I am lucky to have done small busy work to teach me that every day in the office isn’t always going to be fast pace, huge assignments, and that the little things are what make the big ideas come together. I loved being apart of the fast pace in our office, and being fortunate to be brought around with the team when they filmed in new locations and gathered new content.

Being behind the scenes of This Is It TV

Each day was inspiring and exciting and I am lucky to have been a part of such an amazing work environment and have great people around me to guide me through my first internship and teach me valuable ideals and skills to carry me further through my education.

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