The Realtime Media Experience Part I

Staff Meeting

My last staff meeting at Realtime Media (That’s me against the wall) Photo Cred: My Creative Director Will Redmond

Hey guys,

My name is Stanley and currently I am in the homestretch at Temple U.

So for the past three months I have had the opportunity to intern as the Creative Design Intern at Realtime Media in Conshohocken, PA. During this experience I have really gain a better understanding of the type of industry I am trying to pursue. Between the deadlines, long days in the office working on only one client, and bouncing back from the continually constructive critiques, but hey that is the ad world.

Looking back at my interview which in turn landed me the position, a comment was stated that I believe helped me perform that much better. My Creative Director Will Redmond (who is from the UK, so the British comedy was a constant in the office) told me that after this internship I will know if I could make it. The advertising industry is like the Hunger Games, only those with will power will survive and after this internship I can definitely say I have gained more in order to last in this business.

FYI: Realtime Media is a company that is growing with clients such as, Independence Blue Cross, Century Council, GBCA, and many more. In addition they have internships offered throughout the year. It is a small agency, in addition to that so if you are interested in a small scale agency Realtime Media may be the spot for you.

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