The Results Exceeded My Expectations

Coming into this community based learning course, I expected to learn a thing or two about the advertising business, but I never realized I would clearly understand the essential elements needed to create an full-scale advertising campaign. I am honestly so thankful that I replied to the email from Professor Dana Saewitz that announced this class, and to any future Temple student even slightly considering taking the course, you should jump at the opportunity as well!

Now that I have taught advertising, I not only know so much more about the subject, but I also view the business much differently. Prospective School of Media and Communication students who would like to take this course should know, you do not need to be an Advertising major to participate! Being a Media Studies and Production major myself, I knew only the bare minimum about advertising when we first started. By meeting in the Temple classroom the first half of the semester and reviewing the steps of our future weekly lesson plans, I slowly started to pick things up and began to understand the advertising process for myself. By teaching these same steps to the students the second half of the semester, I solidified the information and now I truly feel as if I could teach these skills to anyone. Quite honestly, I believe that I learned just as much in this course as I would have in any Intro to Advertising class. The major exception being that this community based program has so much more to offer.

Aside from learning about the advertising business, I have truly learned a great deal about myself as well. I always knew I was a leader, but I never really understood how much I enjoyed effectively guiding a group to success. Teaching this course has helped me realize that one day I hope I can relive this experience and teach others just as I have with the high school students.

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