The road to the top is full of trash and coffee.

The most valuable skill I’ve learned so far at my internship is how to keep the trash can empty and the coffee flowing. Basically with what I do, my entire job is to make sure that there are no problems and nothing goes wrong. In a photo studio, clients want to be impressed, and they don’t want to worry about anything. And the photographer wants to put on a show and make everyone feel like he has everything under control. Casually. So that means the trash is always empty, the studio is always clean, I always know the wi-fi password, I can give them directions to anything they need from the neighborhood, and most importantly, there is always always coffee.


  1. Very nicely put, Ian. Likewise here at my internship, the interns work desks are placed right at the entrance of office. When officer or guest enters the office, interns are responsible to maintain a good first impression to the staffs. Most of the time, interns have to make sure their desks are clean, neat and presentable to the public. Although we do not need to provide coffee, we have to always put on a bright smile and a cheerful personality to warmly welcome others.

  2. Very good point! While I don’t have to deal with this at my internship, I am a part-time server and when the “big boss” comes in he nitpicks at every little thing but it’s because he knows it’s important to maintain a good image for the customers so they keep coming back!!

  3. Ian, I like how clearly you articulate your responsibilities working in a studio. I know very little about studios so to me I read this post as a comic but telling example of the way things work in this industry. It almost sound absurd that these demands are required of you, but in this context it makes absolute sense why these needs must be met. I’m sure, if you hadn’t known before, you know now how to make a damn good cup of coffee and keep a space clean. In one of my posts I wrote about the importance of attention to detail in an office setting. From your post I can see evermore the importance that little details make in creating a big picture. Oh, and… can I get that wifi password? Cheers.

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