The Secret Behind Agency Life

The best part of my internship at LevLane this semester was to know that what I did mattered. As an intern it’s easy to think that you are not as important and are just there to do the busy work no one else wants to do. That was definitely not the case in my situation. It was nice to hear from my supervisors that the work I was given needed to be done and was important. As the traffic intern, I updated status reports and schedules for current projects and jobs. I knew I would learn a lot from this experience but I never imagined I would end up learning as much as I did. It was great to hear after a few weeks that I know longer needed a “babysitter” and I was trusted to not only get the work done but get it done right. I was able to gain an overall knowledge of the work that goes into making an agency successful being at the center of the production department.

What is great about the traffic/production department, aside from sitting next to the agency candy jar, is that I don’t focus on just one specific job but I get to see every creative aspect that goes into making campaigns for a bunch of different clients. Routing jobs and projects throughout the agency I got see almost every little change that needed to be made on an project before it was sent to the client. These changes ranged from adding comas to removing taglines and adding logos. But back to that candy jar, if you’re nervous on your first day of an internship: bring candy. Everyone loves candy and it’s a great way to meet everyone in the agency and say hi.

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