The Skai is the Limit at Skai Blue Media

Hello! My name is Emma Ford and I am a junior Advertising major on the Copywriting track with a minor in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Hello! My name is Emma Ford and I am a junior Advertising major on the Copywriting track with a minor in Tourism and Hospitality Management. This past semester, I worked as a Public Relations and Communications Intern at Skai Blue Media, a full-service strategic communications agency based in Philadelphia. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. In fact, I loved my semester at Skai Blue Media so much that I’ll be returning for their summer program.

I did a lot of work on Skai Blue Media’s own social media pursuits as well as their clients’ social media. I’ve always been very interested in working on social media so I really enjoyed this work. I did everything from writing copy for editorial calendars, researching competition and inspiration for clients and creating graphics on Canva. This was work that I already had a lot of familiarity with so I felt comfortable coming up with my own ideas and really diving into the creative aspect of this role. I’m definitely now more determined to pursue social media, especially because the team at Skai Blue Media really enjoyed my social media work and I was able to see the direct results in the form of posts.

One of the most important lessons that I learned from this internship was that, when it comes to public relations and media work, the type of clients you work with makes a world of difference. Skai Blue Media serves a multitude of clients in many different industries. However, I was able to focus my energy on their clients in beauty, fashion, and entertainment as well as celebrity names. Some examples include Luvvie, Glennon Doyle, Airbnb, Serena Williams and Lancer Skincare. This made every task exciting and interesting to me because I know that the outcome would be something I was passionate about. Coming from previous experience in which I was not entirely interested in the industries my clients were in, this was extremely eye-opening.

I met so many people who inspired me at Skai Blue Media. My supervisor and the Creative Director of the company, Javier Alonzo, was such an encouraging mentor. He made sure that I always felt supported and that I was always doing work that I really cared about. He trusted me and I felt like a true co-worker, and not necessarily a subordinate, while working under him. Overall, Skai Blue Media prioritizes justice and is ready to fight for those who deserve it. This is evident in their team’s tenacity. The same can be said for their clients. Skai Blue Media ensures that they work with companies that have the same morals and drive as them, which means that I only worked with the top tier of inspiring people.

I would highly suggest this internship to anyone in a creative or communications based field. Not only will you learn so much and improve your skills as a public relations professional, but you will work with one of the most talented teams out there. The Skai Blue Crew is experienced, honest, passionate, hard-working and thoughtful. This team goes out of their way to make sure that their interns have an amazing experience. During my time with Skai Blue Media, I was able to have a huge say in the projects I took on and the clients I worked with. I was constantly checked in on and offered help, but I was also able to be very independent. I am so grateful for my time at Skai Blue Media and highly recommend interning with this company!

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